Vulcan M6000 Electric Leather Edge Creaser - Double Outlets


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Dileepa Wijesundera (Canada)
Super quality

An excellent machine and consistent temperature control. Also this is an excellent supplier with the best customer service

Kyle Eveland (United States)
Amazing Machine

After months of research and contemplation I pulled the trigger on this machine. It is absolutely worth your investment. It is an invaluable tool to use in leather craft and is incredibly diverse in its operations. First off, the Vulcan is a beautiful machine with walnut wood accessories and the heating tips are of very high quality (comparable in my opinion, to a high end french fileteuse). It is very comfortable to use and takes just a bit of trial and error to dial in the heat settings (depending on your needed function). Would highly recommend this machine to anyone serious about leather work, whether rugged in style or high end luxury goods. Just buy it, you will not be disappointed!

Edwin Bell (United Kingdom)
Does exactly what I need it to do

The Vulcan M6000 Electric Leather Edge Creaser performs really well. The temperature control is precis and it heats up quickly.

The quality of the irons are very good too. I only use mine for creasing as I don't work with edge paint. The creases are nice and sharp.

This being my first time using an electric creaser and being left-handed, I was a little concerned about the ease of use because you can't get left-handed irons. This turned out to be no problem. Using the creases in reverse is easy.

I am very pleased with the Vulcan and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get an electric creaser.

Salvador Moreno (United States)
Vulcan M6000

This is definitely a work horse! I absolutely love how fast it reaches temp and how fast it cools down after shutting off. Every tip glides so smoothly, never gets stuck, and is very easy to navigate when creasing an edge or coating your edges. This machine is by far the most esthetic creaser in the market, so if you care about looks, this is a great option. Of course, the performance is a huge factor, in fact it’s most important. This machine does not disappoint whatsoever. I love how consistent the lines are and how consistent the temperature is. I highly recommend this great machine!


Chris @The Traveling Man (United States)
Love it! Outstanding!

This unit looks beautiful and is ready to go right out of the box! Great craftsmanship with ease of use. As much as I loved my manual hand creasers , We more than doubled on our finish wallet output in the first day alone. I have the dual wand unit so setting one up for creasing and one for burnishing is such a time saver. So far so good! I will update later on after a few months......