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Vulcan M3000 Electric Leather Edge Creaser - Single Outlet

100% no-risk money back guarantee

100% no-risk money back guarantee


M3000 Machine ONLY includes :

1 Single Outlet Creasing Transformer + 1 Electric Creaser Wooden Handle + 1 Handle Rest

M3000 Creaser Kit includes:

1 Single Outlet Creasing Transformer + 1 Electric Creaser Wooden Handle + 1 Handle Rest + 1 Universal Iron Base (value $69) + 5 Iron Heads (value $95)

This kit features with a few necessity parts of creasing

- If you'd like to swap the iron heads in the kit, please email us. 

Creasing Iron Description:

—— S series Creasing Tips are used to crease your leather without being limited to edges. They can be used in a similar way as the "wax spatula" to finish the wax on your edges.

—— F series Creasing Tips consist of two lines – the guide and the creaser. The guide rides on the side of your leather edge, and the creaser rides on the top of the leather. The guide is slightly longer than the creaser. The guide burnishes the side of the leather and gives you a control while creasing a line on the top of the leather. You can also use wax, paraffin or dye to finish the leather edge. This iron melts any type of compounds for finishing leather surfaces providing a great professional-looking result. F 1.5 / F 2 are generally used on small leather goods like wallets and watch straps.

—— FN series Creasing Tips are similar to the F Series. They also consist of two lines – the guide and the creaser, but FN series have both a larger crease (1.0mm crease thickness) and a more rounded crease than the F Series. The FN Series is used by Hermes on many of their product lines and has a more subtle look. FN 2 / FN 3 are generally used on belts, purses and backpacks.

* These accessories are screwed directly into the heating element / adaptor.

Vulcan M3000 Electric Leather Edge Creaser - Single Outlet


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Noah Roger (United States)
Professional Results Every Time

Oh man let me tell you. This has been a GAME CHANGER. My work has never looked as good as it does now that I have the Vulcan. If your on the fence about the machine, hop over the fence. From the second you get the hang of the machine (which is easy thanks to the templates on made on Jupiter's website) you will fall in love with your work like never before. You'll be left asking yourself, why did I even debating buying this.

Brendon Crowe (United States)
Great Creaser!

This is a great electric creaser that will definitely benefit your leather crafting. It’s small, compact, heats up fast, and looks really good on any bench. Highly recommend!!

Maggie Li (Canada)
Beautiful made

I love the quality of the edge creaser. It's not only well made, it's also beautiful to look at in the studio. I have used it for a few months now.

Anonymous customer (United States)
Very good - high quality machine

Just started customizing and this is a great investment. Smoothing the edge paint becomes much easier

Adam Rodriguez (United States)
Game changer

Just started using my new creaser and it’s definitely a game changer. Set up was super easy and the results speak for themselves. Love it