About Us

Made on Jupiter | Leather Lab


Made on Jupiter is a New York brand founded in 2018. The name of the brand is inspired by its namesake, the Roman god of the sky and thunder (also known as the king of the gods in Roman mythology). The name is both aspirational and a statement of our values; We want the store to represent the pinnacle of quality and excellence. Our shop specializes mainly in hardware, full grain leather hides, and general leather working tools that are intended to stand the test of time.

Our selection and service are continually expanding, and we're excited to offer a range of finished leather goods as well. That said, our core business and focus is still to supply all things related to leather crafting to independent artisans and young designers who are either getting into the field or looking to expand their business. 

Here at Made on Jupiter, our motto could be said to be the expression, "God is in the details." We believe the details are important, and when attended to, produce even greater rewards. We aim to provide only the finest leather materials and high quality tools for you to pursue your passion.