Elevate Your Brand with us

Personalized White Glove Service

At Made on Jupiter, we take pride in assisting numerous small businesses in enhancing their brand identity and fostering growth. Our white glove service is tailored to meet your specific project needs.

Logo Customization on Existing Designs

- Choose from our existing hardware designs and customize your logo.

- Ideal for small quantity orders; start with stainless steel hardware.

- Laser printing fee: $2 per item (waived for orders over 50 items).

- Minimum order quantity: 20 units per SKU.

- Processing time: 2-3 weeks after design confirmation.

Premium Logo Effects with Molding

- One-time molding fee for brass and alloy hardware.

- No molding fee for stainless steel hardware.

- Minimum order quantity: 200 units per item (varies based on design).

- Perfect for a more sophisticated logo effect.

- Processing time: 4-5 weeks after design confirmation.

Customization from Concept

- Collaborate with our designers to meet luxury sector standards.

- Provide drawings, samples, or CAD files for a personalized quote.

- Minimum order quantity: 200 pieces per item (varies based on design).

- Processing time: 4-5 weeks after design confirmation.


For inquiries or to get started on your customized project, please contact us at contact@madeonjupiterleatherlab.com. We look forward to transforming your ideas into bespoke realities.