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Olive Green Box Leather


🐂 Specifications:

—— Thickness: 1.3 mm / 0.8 mm

Box calf leather is named after 1890s English shoe craftsman Joseph Box. This leather is frequently used by Hermès to construct their luxury bags (think Vintage Kellys—almost all were carefully crafted from box calf leather).

This leather remains a staple in the world of high fashion today, beloved by fashionistas and especially common on neutral-colored H bags. It has both traditional appeal and modern relevance. We offer a brilliant array of color options to choose from with an exceptional level of consistency. All of the box calf leather feature high-quality, chrome-tanned natural grain hides.

The leather is smooth, glossy and resistant to water, heat, and stains. During surface pressing, large machinery that utilizes rollers imprint a unique fine pattern into the leather. This creates a textured appearance on the surface, avoiding scratches for daily use.

Olive Green Box Leather