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Maroon Red Epsom Leather


🐂 Specifications:

—— Thickness: 1.2 mm

The Epsom leather comes from the male calfskin and what gives the leather a rigid and textured look is due to the embossment of the grain patterns into the leather. This gives the bag a laminated appearance and a rigid structure which can be used for bags, if you have a watch strap that’s made out of Epsom leather this explains why it takes a while for the leather to take its shape on your wrist and once it does that, it holds its shape very well.

Another reason why fashion powerhouse, Hermès, uses this leather for its bag is due to the scratch-resistant properties the leather provides. This helps with their bag looking pristine forevermore which of course, helps with the image of their brand.

We offer a brilliant array of color options to choose from with an exceptional level of consistency. All of the Epsom calf leather feature high-quality, chrome-tanned natural grain hides.

Maroon Red Epsom Leather